Carrie is a Wife, Stepmother, Mother, Youth Pastor, Author, Speaker, Event Planner, Baby Sign-Language Teacher, World Traveller and so much more!

In a world broken ready for healing, Carrie’s passion is to offer hope and direction. Carrie speaks and writes from her life, in areas of purity, abortion recovery, brokenness, and spiritual healing from life’s bumps and bruises. Carrie thrives in ministry to see people live the life God intended for them, free from the bondage we so often live under. Carrie’s heart goes out to all that need healing. That’s why she co-founded The IRMA (I Regret My Abortion) Network, an outreach to those who have experienced the pain of abortion and why she chose to add the post-abortive voice as co-host on Life Report, a pro-life podcast. With over 10 years experience working with teens, Carrie offers insight into the teen life from both teen and parent perspective. Having faced a variety of hardship in life she is able to speak openly toward many challenges people face throughout life.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to take a look around and consider adding a little Carrie to your life or event.

Carrie Guy has a bachelors degree from Texas Christian University in Communication Studies and experience as a speaker, but it is her passion for God and vibrant personality that captures the hearts of her listeners. Her vulnerability and transparency allow her audience the ability to identify with her story, heartache, challenges, passions, and victories in life.

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