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1. What types of events do you speak at?
I keynote at womenís conferences, weekend retreats, church outreaches, Pregnancy Center and Right to Life fundraising banquets, purity conferences and other teen conferences and events.

2. Do you speak at mid-week events?
Yes, as my schedule permits.

3. Do you accept U.S. and international invitations?

4. Can our leadership team meet with you prior to our event, or prior to deciding whether or not we want to extend a formal invitation?
Depending on location and scheduling, this may be possible, but if not Skype or Facetime are feasible live video options.

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5. What topics do you address?
My passion is to offer hope and direction and see people find healing in this broken world through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result, I address issues that apply to most women and teenagers such as purity, abortion recovery, brokenness, dealing with the pain of your past, forgiveness, spiritual self-discovery and guidance toward Godís desires for our lives, facing the teen years for teens and parents, as well as other parenting and step-parenting issues. My audiences often include teenagers and women of all ages in a variety of life circumstances. As a women with a heart for justice, I also address issues such as human-trafficking and domestic violence from an informational perspective. Complete listings of my speaking topics are available: Retreat Packages and Single Presentations.

6. What if our group wants a topic thatís not listed on your site?
I am willing to prayfully consider and discuss other topics, but make decisions on a case by case basis.

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7. What are your speaking fees?
I donít have a set speaking fee because I strive to be available for groups with varied budgets. That said, I have living expenses that speaking helps me cover. Upon request, Iíll supply suggested honorariums based on how many times you want me to speak, the amount of time Iíll be away from home, and my behind-the scenes ministry expenses. If you choose to give me a formal invitation, specify your honorarium on the Speaking Request Form.

8. What other expenses might we incur if we invite you to speak?
Groups are responsible for all travel expenses. These may include: airfare, airport fees, ground transportation, fuel and other vehicle expenses, any parking fees, overnight accommodation, meals and gratuities. Other expenses might include photocopying expenses for handouts and other presentation materials.

9. What airport do you use?
I prefer to use Fresno International Air Terminal, but am also driving distance from Bakersfield. In special circumstances can fly from LAX.

10. Is it okay for us to base you in a private home rather than pay for a hotel room if our budget is really tight?
My personal preference is to stay in a hotel because that allows me the freedom to prepare for the event, rest, and move about without the worry of disturbing someone else especially if I canít sleep at night or want to rise early. However, in certain circumstances, I would be happy to discuss home stay options if that would make an event more do-able for your group, Iíll be happy to work with that provided the home provides the ability for me to rest properly.

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11. Weíd like to invite you to speak at our event but we have a few questions to ask. What should we do?
Simply send me an email detailing the event specifics and any questions you might have and youíll receive answers within a couple of days. When extending a speaking invitation, use the Speaking Request Form.

12. How do we book you?
Fill out and submit the Speaking Request Form. If Iím able to accommodate your request, youíll receive an agreement to sign and return along with a non-refundable deposit. Your date is confirmed on my calendar after I receive the signed agreement and deposit.

13. How far in advance do we need to book you?
My schedule is generally set about 6-9 months in advance. Sometimes a previously scheduled weekend suddenly opens up, which makes it possible to minister to a different group on short notice. There is no harm in sending me a request for a date, and I can get back to you with availability.

14. What happens in the event of a cancellation?
I have a standard cancellation policy that is written into the event agreement. If I cancel due to illness or an emergency (highly unlikely), Iíll return your deposit and either try to set another date with you or suggest another speaker.

15. What if weíre unsure of an exact date?
Youíre welcome to submit a few options in your initial inquiry and Iíll let you know which dates will work with my calendar. If you wish to extend a formal invitation but are still unsure of the date, give your preferred date or dates, but I cannot guarantee a date until it is exact.

16. Weíd like to confirm whether or not youíre available for a specific date but weíre considering other speakers, too. What should we do?
While I am happy to discuss possibilities and answer any questions you might have, I cannot guarantee availability without an official offer.

17. Can we phone you with our speaking request?
I prefer initial requests be made via email and follow-up conversations may take place over the phone upon my availability. To book Carrie for your event, please complete the Speaking Request Form.

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Carrie Guy has a bachelors degree from Texas Christian University in Communication Studies and experience as a speaker, but it is her passion for God and vibrant personality that captures the hearts of her listeners. Her vulnerability and transparency allow her audience the ability to identify with her story, heartache, challenges, passions, and victories in life.

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